Motorsport is a term used to encompass competitive sporting events that involve the use of motorised vehicles. Vehicles that take part in motorsports adhere to the regulations that are stipulated by the respective global governing body of the sport.

Motorsport involves competitors racing against each other in different forms of motorised vehicles. So air racing, car racing, motor rallying, rallycross, motorcycle racing, kart racing, oval track racing, motorboat racing, drone racing, radio-controlled model racing, slot car racing, and track racing are different forms of motorsport.

A motor club is an organisation of automobile owners that are run like social clubs in which persons with an interest in motoring and motor racing could meet and share their interests in the automobile.

Apart from meeting for races and competitions, motor clubs can develop into service organisations that provide members with emergency road service, assistance with planning trips, making reservations, auto insurance, and related services. They can still primarily be involved in sponsoring and organising motorsport competitions.

In the UK, there around about 5,000 motorsport events that take place on various grounds and venues annually. During the racing season, there could be as many as several dozens of races and competitions taking place on any given weekend nationwide.

At the club levels, some races and competitions span the various types of motorsport, from racing to rallying to trials, autotests and more. Also, in the UK, several world championship level events like the Formula 1, the World Rally Championship and more are held at various grounds and venues annually.

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