Motor Clubs Activities And Festivals

Here the readers will learn about motor clubs and events in the UK as well as motorsport festivals and activities.


Motorsport is a term used to encompass competitive sporting events that involve the use of motorised vehicles. It involves competitors racing against each other in different forms of motorised vehicles.


A motor club is an organisation of automobile owners that are run like social clubs in which persons with an interest in motoring and motor racing could meet and share their interests in the automobile.


Apart from being primarily involved in sponsoring and organising motorsport competitions, motor clubs can provide members with emergency road service, assistance with planning trips, making reservations, auto insurance, and related services.


During the UK racing season, there could be as many as several dozens of races and competitions taking place on any given weekend nationwide.


Some of these races and competitions span the various types of motorsport, from racing to rallying to trials, autotests and more. Also, several world championship level events like the Formula 1, the World Rally Championship and more are held at various grounds and venues annually in the UK.


This website offers information about motor clubs and events in the UK as well as articles about the benefits of club memberships, competitions and more.

Motor Clubs

The top motor clubs in the UK include Nottingham Sports Car Club, Track Rod Motor Club, Seven Oaks Motor Club, Dukeries Motor Club, Woolbridge Motor Club, and Burnham on Sea Motor Club.

Festivals And Activities

The top UK motorsport festivals include Autosport International, The London Classic Car Show, Goodwood Festival of Speed, CarFest and Coventry MotoFest.

Memberships And Competitions

The benefits of a motor club membership include experiencing a social scene,  receiving assistance, becoming a professional,  supporting charities, improving driving skills and passing knowledge to others.

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