The UK motoring scene is historical, strong, and exciting, and it keeps growing year on year. There are motor clubs in almost every county in the UK, and events like rallies, sprints, hill climbs, and trials taking place throughout the year mean that they are never short of competitions. Here are the top motor clubs in the UK.

Nottingham Sports Car Club

Nottingham Sports Car Club is mainly into a sprint, and Hillclimb racing which are forms of motorsport known as speed eventsĀ  Speed events don’t take place on circuit tracks where the start meets the finish, and this makes each turn and twist an exciting experience.

Track Rod Motor Club

Track Rod Motor Club is based in the Yorkshire area and organises Rally Yorkshire and Lookout Stages Rally annually. The club is professionally run, and its event organisation ability is top-notch.

Seven Oaks Motor Club

This club was founded in 1954 and is one of the more well-known clubs in the UK. Seven Oaks Motor Club welcomes members from complete beginners to seasoned veterans that are interested in various aspects of motorsport. They are also involved in sprint championships, autotests and rally championships.

Dukeries Motor Club

Dukeries Motor Club is a leading Nottinghamshire club based in Mansfield with a strong regional presence and an excellent reputation for organising events like the Dukeries Rally, Premier Rally and the Flying Fortress Stages.

Woolbridge Motor Club

This club has its roots in Dorset but has grown to become one of the largest clubs in the South of England, with about 500 members. It hosts events such as hill climbs, trials, autotests, autosolos and navigational rallies for every class of vehicle.

Burnham on Sea Motor Club

This club was founded in 1953 and focused on road and stage rallies, Hillclimb and endurance events. As a way of promoting motorsport in the South West, the club works closely with other local clubs to hold events likeĀ  Exmoor Endurance Rally, Somerset Stages Rally, and Five Clubs Wiscombe Hillclimb.

There are so many motor clubs all over the United Kingdom, but these are the top ones that keep motorsport on everyone’s lips by organising top-notch, exclusive and exciting motorsport festivals and events. Connect with us for more information.