Nothing brings people together like cars. The love has, for many generations, brought millions of people together in the forms of car shows, motorsport rallies, car races and motorsport festivals. Here is a list of top UK motorsport festivals.

Autosport International

This motorsport event brings together the creme de la creme of the racing and automotive industry. Motorsport enthusiasts of all ages get the opportunity to see the fastest cars and biggest stars. They also get to experience heart-pumping live-action with over 1,000 motors on display.

The London Classic Car Show

This event offers classic car owners, collectors, experts and enthusiasts the opportunity to hobnob under one roof. It is also an opportunity for world-renowned dealers to showcase their products to the public. Vintage motorsport vehicles are also displayed and sold at this annual event.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

This spectacular motorsport festival brings together a mix of UK cars and motorsport royalty and annually has thousands of people in attendance. The main attraction is the Hillclimb event which sees old and new race cars and bikes racing up the hill. Visitors can also view some F1 cars from Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bulls.


This motorsport festival features sports cars, vintage cars and some of the world’s iconic sets of wheels every year. The festival is always held in aid of one charity or the other and commands star-studded appearances and performances.

Festival-goers and revellers can enjoy the show whether they are in the North or South of the UK. The world’s biggest car manufacturers also display their latest collections of automobiles. Visitors take the opportunity to ride in exclusive cars and admire retro motors in the vintage village.

Coventry MotoFest

This festival offers visitors motorsport demonstrations, live music and a spectacular showcase of cars. There are also on display motorcycles, trucks, buses, armoured vehicles and even taxis. All these happen amid live music, artworks display and the buying and selling of motoring memorabilia.

The UK is the hotbed of car shows, festivals and diverse motorsport events and just a few are featured in this article. Connect with us for more information.